There hasn't been much for Mets fans to cheer about this year. But this just might do the trick. The baseball that infamously bounced between Bill Buckner's legs during the end of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series and allowed the Mets to rally to win the game—and, eventually, the series—is reportedly set to be auctioned off on eBay later this month. Seth Swirsky, who bought the ball from Charlie Sheen for $93,000 back in 1992, will start the bidding at $1 million on October 15 and end the auction on the night of October 25—at the exact moment that the ball went between Buckner's legs 25 years ago.

"I love my collection," says Swirsky, who has a gang of baseball memorabilia piled up in his basement right now. "I don't think I've ever sold anything from it. But that ball, it's time to pass it along, to let someone else enjoy it."

Like, say, a group of disgruntled Mets fans? If there are 999,999 of you guys out there who want to throw a dollar down to help us get this ball into our hands, holla at us on Twitter, please! [via Sports Illustrated]