23. Meet N' Potatoes

Cuisine: American/Comfort Food
Frequented Locations: East L.A., Westside Beach Towns, Burbank
Website: meetnpotatoestruck.com
Truck Model: 2010 Chevy VN
Average Meal: $7-10

The brainchild of Steve Sevag, Meet 'N Potatoes serves big, fat, East-Coast style sandwiches ($8 for large, $5 for small) that come with hearty tomatoes, zesty Italian coleslaw, provolone cheese and fresh-cut fries, all between two slices of thick, soft bread. For $2 extra, get a side of fries with chef Andre's special dipping sauce and a cold soda. While the sandwich is available with a variety of meats, including roast beef, turkey and chicken, the salty pastrami steals the show with a well-balanced marriage of flavors. If you're a carb phobe (or your girlfriend is) go for the loaded fries ($5)—they contain all the same ingredients as the pastrami sandwich, minus the bread.

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