26. Glowfish

Cuisine: Japanese
Frequented Locations: Silver Lake, South Bay, Studio City
Website: glowfishtruck.com
Truck Model: 1988 Chevy 350 VA
Average Meal: $7-10
Twitter: @GlowfishTruck

Rooted in the ritual foods of Matsuri, the festivals of Japan, Glowfish goes for innovative and improvisational cuisine. While Glowfish serves skewered, deep-fried katsu and a variety of stir-fried teppanyaki, the giant griddlecakes known as okonomiyaki ($7) are the reason to visit this truck. Starting with a simple yam, cabbage, and egg base, you personalize your pancake by picking one of 10 main ingredients, including lobster, pork, and squid, and four of 13 accents, like kimchi, jalapeno, or bacon. Any of the endless combinations will produce a warm, evenly cooked cake drizzled with both Japanese mayo and a tasty soy-based sauce.

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