7. Rebel Bites

Cuisine: American/Comfort Food
Frequented Locations: Westside, Downtown, West Hollywood
Website: rebelbite.com
Truck Model: HIVCO 2001
Average Meal: $7-10
Twitter: @rebelbite

"Comfort Food That Takes You Down the Memory Lane...With an Attitude,” is the motto for this truck that serves unique takes on grilled cheese, spaghetti, chili, and cioppino. Ordering the ooey, gooey, yummy grilled cheese is a two-step process. After choosing between “Granny Style” (cheddar and carmelized onions) or “Rebel Style” (cheddar, bolognese or marinara, caramelized kimchi slaw, "Molotov Cocktail" sauce), you can add short ribs, pork, tuna, eggplant, or sundried tomatoes. We highly recommend going rebel style with either the “Karl B. Marx,” featuring kalbi short ribs or the “Snowball” filled with tangy pork (both $5.50). Despite the unappealing name, the “Dirty Spaghetti Taco” is a surprisingly scrumptious concoction of garlic Bolognese sauce, caramelized kimchi, and Parmesan cheese in a spaghetti-filled taco shell ($5.50).