10. Kogi

Cuisine: Korean/Mexican
Frequented Locations: Downtown, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, Culver Cuty
Website: kogibbq.com
Truck Model: Late-'90s GMC Hi-Vee. Late-'90s and late-'70s Grumman.
Average Meal: $6-10
Twitter: @kogibbq

Gaining a national following and amassing a boatload of awards, Kogi truly kicked off the food truck trend, not just in L.A. but across the country. In addition to a novel concept—Korean BBQ meets Mexican—and ingenious marketing, Kogi owner Roy Choi also credits his almost-instant success to a short, simple menu that offers generous portions with tons of taste. Initially a single vehicle, Kogi now serves out of five trucks and a bar, eliminating the hour-long lines patrons used to withstand in order to taste Choi's standout dishes: Spicy Pork Tacos ($2.50 each; 3 and a soda for $7), Kimchi Quesadillas ($5; with taco and drink for $8) and Short Rib Sliders ($5; with taco and drink for $8).