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Michelle Banzer (@MichelleBanzer) doesn't need you to tell her that she's beautiful. She got affirmation of that back in 2007 when she was voted Miss Kentucky USA. She represented the Bluegrass State at the Miss USA 2007 pageant. But that doesn't mean that the 28-year-old model—who is a mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, German, Cherokee, Indian, and Irish (yeesh!)—has rested on her laurels in recent years. In fact, she's gone even harder since she stopped doing formal pageants. Aside from all the modeling work she's done for a handful of print publications, Banzer—or Michelle Zen as she's known on the import circuit—has also competed in events like Miss Hot Import Nights and Miss Hawaiian Tropic. And if there's one thing she's proven time and time again, it's that her beauty translates well in just about any arena.