Jim Harbaugh is clearly a pretty fiery guy and a master motivator for the San Francisco 49ers. Somehow, he's turned a team led by QB Alex frickin' Smith into a playoff contender and one of the best teams in the NFC. However, even he doesn't have anything on the motivational skills of the speaker the Niners brought in to talk to the team earlier this week. With a super-tough home game against the Cleveland Browns staring them down on Sunday—sarcastic much?—Harbaugh and the Niners invited none other than MC Hammer to their training facility this week to talk to the team about enduring the "trials and tribulations" that come along with being a professional athlete.

No word on what he actually said. But with a discography that includes songs like "Turn This Motha Out," This Is The Way We Roll," "Too Legit To Quit," "Pump It Up," and, of course, "U Can't Touch This," the Browns should be scared right now. Very scared. And not just for the coaches' post-game handshake. [via Shutdown Corner]