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Once upon a time, Philadelphia 76ers owner Pat Croce was tasked with the nearly-impossible job of keeping Allen Iverson happy. A decade later, he's seemingly realized that nothing in life is impossible—which is why he's now on the verge of discovering two pirate ships that sank more than 400 years ago off the coast of Panama after the death of the legendary pirate Sir Francis Drake. The ships are rumored to contain a shitload of pirate booty and may also be located near Drake's lead-lined coffin. But Croce, a self-proclaimed "pirate aficionado," claims he's not doing this for the treasure. He's doing it for the history.

"It's been truly miraculous," says Croce. "You set yourself impossible goals in life but to find these two ships has been amazing."

Hey, we're not surprised. This guy did help lead the Sixers to the NBA Finals with a team that featured Matt Geiger, Tyrone Hill, and Eric Snow after all, right? [via Off the Bench]