The Rap Game

What's Beef? On November 30, 2pac was shot in Quad Recording Studios in NYC and later accused Puff and B.I.G. of being behind the hit. That same year, Common dropped "I Used to Love H.E.R." on August 23, which would later set off a feud with Ice Cube and Westside Connection. Both beefs would make for some of the Best Diss Songs of All Time. It's worth pointing out that neither of these beefs involved threats of kidnapping the biggest female pop star of the day. 
No. 1 Hip-Hop Single: Coolio "Fantastic Voyage." From the sample of the Lakeside classic to the ultra '90s music video, you can't front that this was one of the most-memorable party tracks back in the day. Having the No. 1 Rap single sure beats getting caught with crack in the airport 15 years later. Damn, homie! *50 cent voice*
Classic Releases: Ready to Die, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and Illmatic. Need we say more?! Can you imagine what would've happened if Nas and Big had teamed up after the release of those records for a Watch the Throne-type release? We imagine there'd be less shout-outs to luxury hotels.
Lil Wayne's Wherabouts: A 12-year-old Weezy was a member of The B.G.'z, or "Baby Gangstaz," a duo he formed with fellow Cash Money member, B.G. The two recorded B.G.'z debut album, True Story. Wayne's come a long way—he has 11 singles charting on the Billboard Hot 100—but the same can't be said about his pants size.
What was DMX getting arrested for? Drug possession. Sadly being behind bars would remain a common theme for X throughout his career. Here's a extensive sampling of dude's arrest record.

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