Date: August 2, 1997
Location: San Diego, Calif.
Ride: San Diego City Bus

The way this San Diego bus recklessly zooms down the road, you might think that a movie studio was filming a new installment of the Speed movies. Armed with just a knife, this junkie tries to go for a lawless ride in a city bus as police struggle to stop the large vehicle in its tracks. As if he were reading off of a movie script, the crazy bus driver tells police that "he'll kill everyone involved." With his road rage increasing, the vigilante at the wheel slams into other vehicles on the road. A bunch of news helicopters make the policemen's jobs more difficult, broadcasting the evening's events throughout the area. After the bus drives over spike strips, two tires blow out and the thief comes to a halt and surrenders. Things aren't quite over yet, though, as an unattended police cruiser nearly rolls over the criminal and crushes him before being manually stopped by a cop with his body. After all the insanity, we're just glad they caught Nick Nolte.