Date: June 23rd, 2005

For the record, the commentator at the beginning of this video sounds like a real nerd. Anyway, let's get to this bullet-riddles-police-car chase. An officer in pursuit of a suspect opens fire, but he doesn't realize how real things are about to get until the gunman returns fire. As the chase continues, the perp baits the cop to get him in position for the kill. It isn't until round two of their gun battle that it becomes apparent that the suspect is riding with an AK-47, which dwarfs the cops handgun. The pursued vehicle rolls into a ditch, but the cop is wary and keeps his distance until backup arrives. Eventually the two suspects are so shaken that they end up crawling out of the car without their weapons. Funny how the perp seems shocked and saddened when he's placed in the back of a cop car near the end of the clip. You just tried to merc two coppers dude; the only surprise is that you're still breathing.