Parents suck this week. Earlier, we put up a clip of a mother—or, at least, what looks like a mother—letting her young son chug Capri Sun out of a beer funnel. And when we first saw it, we thought she'd easily win the "Shitty Parent of the Week" award. But, boy oh boy, were we wrong!

One day after that lady taught her son about the finer points of a beer funnel, a Cleveland couple allegedly abandoned their 9-year-old foster son during a Browns game because, well, like we said, parents suck this week. After getting liquored up before the game, the couple allegedly got into an argument with one another and then tried to pass their son off to a couple of strangers, who turned him in to a security guard at the stadium. And, the worst part of all? The parents didn't really seem to be all that broken up about it after a police officer stopped their car when they tried to drive out of the stadium's parking lot.

"When asked why they were leaving without their child, they shrugged," the officer reported. "When asked why they did not report the child missing, they laughed."

Sigh. At least the beer funnel lady was making sure her son was well hydrated. This other story is just sad. Hey, parents: Let's try and do better this week, okay? [via Shutdown Corner]