Happy birthday Kobe Bryant! The Lakers legend turns 33 today, and we're not sure if we're surpised he's that young or surprised he's that young. On the one hand it feels like he's been around forever, on the other, he's accomplished so much.

So we've compiled one great play for each of his years, sort of like YouTube candles. Kobe could live to be 100 and we still wouldn't have enough room on this list, though. 15 seasons of crossovers, dunks and buzzer beaters is a lot to sort through without omitting some pretty worthy candidates. But what we do have are several of the most amazing and definitive moments in a surefire Hall of Fame career. It's not an end to the lockout, or even a rematch with the Mavericks, but it'll have to do. Happy bornday! here are the 33 Greatest Plays of Kobe Bryant's Career