Anderson "The Spider" Silva vs Yushin "Thunder" Okami

Better Nickname:  Where I come from there are all kinds of spiders and none of them are deadly. But the name fits him so well because of his technique, strategy and his gangly limbs. I'm going with the Spider

Inside Scoop, Silva: What more can be said. When this guy is healthy the only fighters out there who have a remote shot at victory are Jon Jones and GSP.

Inside Scoop, Okami: He's a versatile fighter with a base in Judo. He's only been knocked out once in his career and that was in 2003. He has losses to Chael Sonnen and Rich Franklin by decision.

Prediction: Silva. Let's set the record straight. Okami was the last person to defeat Silva (2006) but it was because Silva was disqualified for an illegal kick. Silva's in his home country. He's healthy. To pick against him would be like getting your girl dandelions on Valentine's Day. Silva by KO with strikes. Chael Sonnen, you're next.