Event: Pancrase: Eyes of Beast 2 3/10/1995
Winner: Shamrock
Winning Move: Kneebar

If you've never seen grown men bitch-slap one another then you've never watched Pancrase. The odd rule of this Japanese fighting organization was that only open-hand strikes were allowed to the face. Everything else (body punches, submissions) was fair game.

A year before this fight, Shamrock submitted Rutten by choke. This time, it was for the title of "King of Pancrase." Rutten was the challenger so he had something to prove. Unfortunately (for him), he didn't prove it. Shamrock finished the fight with a spin move he learned from Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo and in the process almost broke Rutten's knee into pieces.

They never fought a third time. Shamrock and Rutten became friends but Shamrock boasted, beating a man two times is enough.