Not even the NBA lockout can shut down Kevin Durant! Despite the work stoppage and the threat of a cancelled 2011-12 NBA season, KD has been balling his ass off on the pro-am circuit this summer, talking about joining a team overseas in Turkey, and getting ready to star in his first major motion picture. Wait, what!?

That's right. KD recently signed on to star in an as-yet-untitled flick distributed by Warner Bros. that was supposed to film in Oklahoma City (tough luck, OKC!) but will now film in Baton Rouge beginning in the middle of September. Those are all the details we have about the movie (outside of the fact that KD will be playing the role of the son of a magical rapping genie...uh, just kidding!) but, whatever it is, it's good for KD's career. Because even in the midst of a lockout, this guy is proving that he can't be stopped. [via The Big Lead]

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