Pronounced, "My-Bock" (contrary to the popular hip-hop pronunciation of "May-back"), this German luxury car was re-introduced in 2002 and was immediately embraced by the hip-hop elite. The 62 refers to its length of 6.2 meters compared to the 5.7 meters of the Maybach 57. This might not seem like much to the naked eye, but it gives the 62 extra room for rear fully-reclining "airplane" seats, folding rear tables, and a look that demands the car to be chauffeur driven.

Lyrical Mention:  Your dude is back, the Maybach Coupe is back/Tell the whole world the truth is back -Jay-Z, "Change Clothes"

Peep how Jigga skips the 57 for the roomier 62 in the video for "Dirt Off Your Shoulder."