"We do a Model C Ex, which is an introductory level — it’s a pretty good, solid bike. It’s a first level, guys get into it and experience the Model C. Then there’s the Model C Pro, which is a higher-end, for a guy who doesn’t want to build a bike from scratch, but he wants a good parts kit. He can get this bike, the parts kit is amazing, It’s a really good solid, strong rider to continue riding the 24. It’s the same frameset — the same dimensions — but a different quality frame. We offer an aftermarket frame with even more bells and whistles — more heat treating, hollow dropouts, Wave tubing, chain tensioners built in — there’s just a lot more effort that goes into that one. The guy with the Model C Pro who says ‘I want to upgrade my frame kit,’ and he can go to the Wave C and just put the parts package from the Model C Pro on the Wave C frame, and it’s just like a super high-end 20-inch bike at that point."