"When we did the bike, when we did the frame, the only way it would work would be if we had good wheels and good tires with it. Especially the wheels – where would you get a good 24-inch rim? A good one. I’m sure there’s good ones out there, but not for what we’re trying to do. And the [Odyssey] rims came at the same time the frames came. Tires came a little later, but the rims were the most important. Otherwise it’s all regular BMX parts, it’s all 20-inch parts except for the frame, fork, bars — but now that we’re going up to 8-inch bars you can run normal bars on it — and just rims, tires and tubes, that’s the only things. I still use the same size cranks I use on my 20. That’s another thing, it’s pretty cool that — it feels like a 20 because the bars are the exact same dimensions, my feet feel the same on the pedals, nothing weird like that. People get on it and say it feels like a 20, and it is, just a little larger."