The first car on PCP will be the C30, featuring all wheel drive and 399 horsepower, which sounds pretty bloody awesome to us. A concept of this car was already made as a collaboration between Volvo and the racing outfit Polestar. This first model would cost about as much as a BMW M3 but Volvo won't stop there—they plan to put every Volvo model on PCP.

By the way, PCP redundantly stands for "Performance Concept Prototype" rather than phencyclidine. While we're very excited to see Volvo try to take on BMW's M, Mercedes' AMG, and Audi's Quattro divisions, the name really needs to be changed. It's redundant, it's already taken by a powerful and dangerous drug, and I really don't want to buy a car referred to as a "prototype." Please finish it first.
[via whatcar]