The 2011 NBA Finals ended a month ago. But Mark Cuban is still basking in the glory, despite the ongoing NBA lockout. On his blog—titled "Tremendous"—Cubes broke down what the last 30 days have been like for him and also provided some insight into how he dealt with the final minutes of Game 6 in the Finals.

"I refused to let myself think we were going to win," writes Cuban. "I refused to get ahead of the game. Too many times I had seen games get away from our team. Too many times I had seen our team snatch away what the other side thought was a sure win. We had come from way behind to win games in every series in this playoff run. If we could do it to them, they could do it to us. In my mind, if I even began to think that a win was a certainty, I would jinx us."

Mark Cuban, the superstitious skeptic. Who knew!?! [via The Basketball Jones]