Warren Sapp doesn't mince words. Last week, he threw Tiki Barber (and his entire existence!) under the bus. This week, he's taking shots at his former Raiders teammate Michael Huff, who Sapp apparently either: A) Doesn't like very much, or B) Really doesn't like very much. During an interview with a Dallas radio station, Sapp was asked about Huff due to the Cowboys' reported interest in the cornerback. And he responded by saying that...well, to be blunt, he responded by saying that he thinks Huff sucks.

"Michael Huff leaves something to be desired," Sapp said. "I watched Huff for two years, not pick a pass off in practice. I seen him make a couple plays lately. I'd really be interested to see his tape and watch his last couple of years because his first two make you want to throw up watching him practice."

And he wasn't finished. "I went so far with Michael Huff, and you can ask him this, that my last day in Oakland, I waited in the parking lot for Michael Huff," Sapp continued. "I waited in the parking lot because I wanted to talk to the young man because he made me want to throw up watching him practice. I mean, the scout team would complete ball after ball after ball. I'm like, 'You're not going to make one play? I mean, you're not even going to put your hand on it and knock it down?'" 

Wow. What a glowing endorsement! Get excited, Cowboy fans. [via The Dallas Morning News]