The Memphis Grizzlies have taken the NBA by storm this postseason, dispatching the Western Conference's top-seeded San Antonio Spurs in the first round and giving the OK City Thunder all they can handle in the second. But real hoops heads aren't surprised by the Grizz's run: It's all about Shane Battier! He hustles! He hits clutch threes! He does all the little things that make a team click! And SWEET MOTHER OF BIG BABY JESUS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN'S HEAD?!?

Yeah, Shane's a great baller and all, but he needs to grow his hair out. Why? Because dude doesn't rock corn rows, it just looks like you could plant rows of corn in his head. Because Osama Bin Laden might still be alive if he'd hid out in the caves on Battier's dome. Because this dude is blowing up Shane's Twitter saying he wants his look back. Had enough? Well, by all means, don't check out the rest of the Ugliest Heads in NBA History...

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