We'll be honest with you: We had abso-fuckin'-lutely no intention of checking for the UFL draft tonight. Hell, we had a hard enough time staying up on Saturday during the fourth round of the NFL Draft (which featured some pretty decent talent, by the way) so we really didn't plan on watching a bunch of guys who couldn't make it over there get drafted. But we do give them credit for trying to stir up some interest in the draft by coming up with a decent idea for broadcasting it: They're going to do the entire thing on Twitter.

And while we're still probably not going to pay much attention to it (aren't all the guys that get drafted basically lower than Mr. Irrelevant on football's totem pole?) we might check out UFL Commission Michael Huyghue's Twitter feed tonight for a few minutes to see how it all plays out. But only because we're pretty sure it'll piss Roger Goodell off. [via Wired]

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