What do you buy the man who already owns a Bugatti Veyron? How about a matching speedboat? Though highly unlikely to ever see production, this design concept shows that the highly coveted supercar could do well on the high seas too.

The brainchild of Ben Walsh, a graduate from the Royal College of Art who's worked for Cadillac, this floating fantasy is based off the Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu edition. Borrowing the aluminum and carbon fiber construction from its road-bound inspiration, the 30-foot boat is propelled by a single engine- a trait that's somewhat unique for the super-speedboat segment, but if it's using the same powerhouse as the car, chances are it will be enough. The only flaw we can find? There's nowhere for babes to sun themselves, though we could probably get past that if we had to.

[via Driven

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