Ever since he announced his decision to leave Cleveland in favor of South Beach, LeBron James propelled himself from everyone's favorite hometown hero to enemy number one. In an effort to greatly improve his chances of winning a championship, James indirectly helped create the Big Three 2.0 with proven veterans, Wade and Bosh. In his first year with the Miami Heat, LBJ put up numbers (26.7 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 7.0 APG) similar to his season averages in a Cavaliers jersey. If there was anything LeBron proved in his first go-round with Miami, it's that regardless of the team, dude will continue to fill up the stat sheet and make a solid case for MVP honors.  


Stuffing Ronny Turiaf's dunk attempt

DATE: 1/27/2011 vs. New York Knicks
COMPLEX SAYS: Someone should've told Ronny Turiaf that he was trying to slam it down on LeBron...and that he's Ronny Turiaf. Not surprisingly, James gives him an emphatic dose of reality. 

Fadeaway Shot Over the Backboard

DATE: 12/13/2010 vs. New Orleans Hornets
COMPLEX SAYS: Seeing him make this trick shot shouldn't come as a surprise. They always say that practice makes perfect

No-look Pass to Dampier 

DATE: 2/27/2011 vs. New York Knicks
COMPLEX SAYS: While we can put those Jordan-LeBron comparisons to rest since he decided to join Wade and Bosh, one Jordan-esque remains: homie still saves his best stuff for those New York Knicks. 

Mid-air Alley-Oop From D-Wade 

DATE: 11/6/2010 vs. New Jersey Nets
COMPLEX SAYS: The 2010-2011 season didn't start off well for the Heat, but once Wade and James got their chemistry down, teams were embarrassed with And 1 Mixtape showings like this. Oh yeah, Bosh was around for the ride too. 

Flushing It Down on Two Cavs Players  

DATE: 1/31/2011 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
COMPLEX SAYS: From the back-and-forth cryptic tweets to Dan Gilbert's Comic Sans tirade to the Cleveland fans' ingenous signs, the tension between LeBron and Cleveland always made for must see TV. Let's just say that between the season standings and this dunk, James put an end to all that talk.