Le Castellet 6-Hours, the inaugural race in the 2011 Le Mans race series, got off to a rather rough start over this past weekend. Due to a crest in the back-stretch of the Paul Richard HTTT circuit, racers bringing up the pack’s rear aren’t able to see those at the front, only the flag tower, and the flying green fabric telling them to go. That fact requires drivers to have an air of trust in the pace car, having faith that it will exit the track when it’s supposed to.

But it didn’t. Luckily for the driver of the Audi, the Prototype field slowed down quickly to give the lackadaisical driver some space. However, due to the bump in the road, those in the further back GT weren’t so fortunate. Hitting the track’s horizon, the second pack of cars was met with a virtual roadblock, causing mayhem and panic on the track. One Porsche from the Farnbacher-Loles team was even completely knocked out of the running before things actually got started. Check out the video, and next time you screw up at your job, remind yourself that things could be a lot worse.

[Youtube via Jalopnik]