You've probably thought before that it would be cool to work in the marketing department for a brand like Hot Wheels. But from a couple campaigns we've seen in the past few weeks, we can tell you it's not cool, it's AWESOME. 

Recently we brought you information on a mind-blowing 3D technology that allowed the toy company to project a virtual race on the side of a historic Australian building. Now, we've caught word of a much lower tech advertisement that might still be just as cool. Taking a page from the playbook of Wil E. Coyote, the company constructed a giant loop-d-loop to affix to a highway overpass in Bogota, Colombia. Though a bit silly in nature, it's safe to say the stunt has garnered more than a few laughs from drivers passing through. And if feeling like a kid, even for a few moments is wrong, then who wants to be right?

[via Autoblog]

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