If you've lived down South, the idea of being served your fast food by fresh-faced teens on roller skates is nothing new to you. But if you're a die-hard New Yorker, chances are you've never seen a Sonic. Here's your chance. Now open on Deer Park Avenue (Route 231) in the Deer Park/North Babylon Area is the first somewhat-Metro-New York area installment of the popular food chain.

With a menu that's a nod to burger joints of yore—burgers, dogs, fries and shakes—Sonic's gimmick is their carhops (no, they're not called "chicks on skates") who bring your order right to your  car window, allowing you to refill your body's tank without stepping outside your ride. It's unclear how this service will continue when Snowmaggedon returns to the Northeast this winter, but for now, it's the perfect excuse to shine up the ride and go chow down.

For anyone looking to make the pilgrimage, Sonic Long Island's address is 1380 Deer Park Avenue, North Babylon, NY 11703. But if you're getting a ZipCar, plan on extra hours—the line has been around the block, literally!

(Ed. Note - Need a little more convincing? There's a pretty decent Nike outlet right around the corner.)