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Kendrick Perkins hasn't played his first game for the Oklahoma City Thunder yet. And thanks to an MCL injury, he won't be doing it for at least another two to three weeks, either. But he's already talking a big game. The big man—who joined the Thunder last week after getting traded out by the Boston Celtics—held his first session with the local media over the weekend and had some choice words for anyone not wearing a Thunder uniform right now.


On why he's going to play angry and talk shit against Kevin Garnett the next time they meet up: "Because I know he's gonna do it to me...He's gonna find something that I did to him while we was together; he's gonna do it to me, so I got to do it to him first."

On what he hates about Lakers center Pau Gasol: "Everything."

On why he hates the color green right now: "I walked in today and didn't have a pair of shoes. I had my old Celtics shoes. So I was like, 'Man, you gotta get that outta here,' so I threw it right in the trash. [Someone tried] to pass me a green medicine bottle today, and I said, 'I don't want to see anything green.' Boston is the last thing on my mind now."


Geez. Get well soon, homie—and let the games begin! [via Hoops World]