If Charles Barkley was a rapper, let's just say he wouldn't be Jay-Z. Because if you use dude's name disrespectfully? Best believe he's gonna get low and start firing back at you. Billy Packer just found that out the hard way. After the CBS college hoops analyst said that he didn't think TNT's NBA-centric crew was equipped to handle calling this year's slate of NCAA Tournament games recently, the Round Mound of Rebound took some time to address his comments on TNT last night. "Hey, Billy Packer, you might be right," he said during a 40-second segment on the telecast. "We might not be very good and know all the players on all the teams in college basketball. I don't know any player on Wofford or UNC Asheville. You are absolutely right. But stop being a jackass." Ha! That's why we fucks with you, Chuck. [via The Dagger]