Ever been racing through Laguna Seca via Gran Turismo and thought "I could make a better track than this!"? Well now, thanks to the world's most popular energy drink, you can. Red Bull has released an iPhone app, called Red Bull Augmented Racing, that lets users get creative in a very unique way. Gather up a bunch of downed Red Bull cans, arrange them in the shape of the best hot-lap you can imagine, then trace the birds-eye route with your iPhone's camera. The app will process your creation, then turn it into a race-worthy track.

Cole Whitt, one of Team Red Bull's NASCAR drivers, shows just how to use the app, available now on iTunes. It's about as acceptable a form of drinking and driving as you're going to get, though we still wouldn't recommend getting behind a real wheel with all that taurine in ya.

Download Red Bull Augmented Racing at iTunes for Free.

[via Red Bull