Since its debut, Audi's R8 has been popping up everywhere, from baller car collections to the set of Iron Man. Part of the car's appeal—aside from its dope looks and performance—is its relatively low price-point for what it is. Now, the four-ringed brand has announced its track-prepped GT version will hit US shores as a limited edition 2012 model, again at a relative steal.

Built with massive amounts of aluminum and carbon fiber, the R8 GT is 180 lbs. lighter than the standard version, with a 5.2 liter V10 that's been bumped up to 560 hp. All this of course is paired to four-wheel-drive with a locking rear diff, the perfect solution for putting all that power to the pavement. 

Audi reports that 90 versions of the race-ready GT will hit dealers as 2012 models, with stickers starting at $196,800. Of course that isn't a small chunk of change, but for a limited edition, track-worthy supercar? It's kind of a steal.

[via Audi]