We'll admit, before news of the Beast hit our desk, we had no idea what a hybrid bike was. Now, after this futuristic video from M55, we're still not really sure - perhaps a moped on steroids is the best way to describe it. One thing's for sure- it looks cool.

Purpose-built for off-road use, mountain-bike fans will know that its Fox Talas fork, front and rear Brembo brakes and Nukeproof titanium rear spring with a Fox DHX RC4 single-pivot shock mean serious business. The "hybrid" propulsion part of the bike takes a while to build up from its 3.84 pound-feet of torque, but has a max of 76 lbs, which we're told will move the M55 Hybrid to 48mph- not too bad there!

So what does a hybrid bike cost? The beast will run you a mere $33,500—yeah, you still may have to work that Schwinn a bit more—but with only 55 being made, it's that price of exclusivity rearing its pretty head again.

Source: M55