For most manufacturers, getting nabbed by the automotive paparazzi is the worst nightmare you could possibly face. Then, of course, there's Lamborghini. While it's been no secret that the successor to their wildly popular Murciélago will debut at this year's Geneva auto show, the car's appearance has been closely guarded, with no more than some mechanical info released to the press. 

Now, less than a month until it's reveal, the makers of the likely-to-be-named "Aventador", just don't seem to give a f*** any more. Yeah, the above looks like a spy shot, but it's hit the internet with such free distribution, there's little doubt it was leaked by the factory. Granted the lines are still broken up quite a bit, but you can see quite a bit of Reventon-inspired design cues. So the secret's out now, and nobody cares. Uh, incorrect - it only makes us want to see even more. You win again, Lamborghini!