Sure, you younger dudes have your Michael Bay movies, complete with Megan Fox and big explosions. They're cool and all, but for 70's and 80's babies, nothing brings out the inner nerd like a Transformers cartoon reference. That said, you can imagine how excited we got when news broke that a seemingly never-ending infographic on every original Autobot had hit the web. Problem is once you start looking, it's easy to see that it's filled with mistakes and inaccuracies. 

For starters, every classic fan knows ol' Optimus Prime was originally a cab-over truck, not a traditional semi, as he's portrayed in the movie. And how can you have a 1994 VW Beetle when the cartoon ended in 1987? Check the rest below and see how many more goofs you can spot. All in all it's still a dope way to kill some time, even if it's not 100% correct.

Transformers Autobot Infographic

Source: Comics Alliance

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