This is NOT the next big thing in Rolls-Royce’s hauntingly fresh pipeline. However, if his design aesthetic stays on point, Jeremy Westerlund could find himself being the next big thing at the double-R brand, or others for that matter. A student at the Art Center School of Design, Westerlund created this sleek, edgy concept as an ode to classic chauffeured coaches—luxury rides that would have had Jeeves catching bugs in his teeth, while you chilled with your honey in the back.

While distinctively Rolls-Royce in appearance, the sloped, yacht-inspired profile is truly intriguing. Westerlund also spared no expense in his detailing, using real mahogany inserts in the concept’s wheels. But before you go hunting dude down, we should note that the Apparition is built in 1:4 scale and sits just a touch under 6’ long. At full size, that would be a car over 23’ long (about 4’ longer than the current production Phantom)—this guy thinks big!

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