NICKNAME: The Istanbul Derby
HISTORICAL RECORD: 366 matches: Fener - 138W, Gala - 116W, 111 draws
COMPLEX SAYS: Gala, traditionally supported by educated middle classes, are located in the European side of the city; Fener, originally the working-class club, lie in the Eastern, Asian area of Istanbul. Buildup for this titanic clash begins hours before kick-off, and there’s usually more than bragging rights at stake: They’re the two most successful teams in Turkey, and have won 17 league titles each.
MEMORABLE MATCH: April 26, 1996, Turkish Cup final, Fener 1-1 Gala. After Galatasaray earned the draw that won them the cup, Graeme Souness—the ex-Liverpool player who was then Gala's manager—planted a huge team flag in the center of the Fener pitch. Bold, if not stupid.
NEXT MATCH: March 20, 2011