Nothing like a quick and brutal KO in MMA to get that day going. Like Cool Breeze said: WATCH FOR THE HOOK! [Cagewriter]

Apparently, Rihanna's man got a big ego. Pause. [Vin Scully is My Homeboy]

Steve Nash's teammates try shooting with one eye in practice. Gee whiz, can the Suns get any more lovable? [Bright Side of the Sun (VIDEO)]

So in NBA dunk parlance, "screenshots" are the new "posters." Whatevs. Antawn Jamison, you got shitted on.
[SB Nation Basketball]

Add Allen Iverson's unreleased rap album to the list of LPs that have come out before Detox. [The Sporting Blog]

2010 was supposed to be Freddy Adu's breakout World Cup year. Uh, nope. In high school, you was the man, homie. WTF happened to you? [ESPN Page 2]

Another huge sporting event in the Bean tonight: Flyers-Bruins Game 7. Can the Bs avoid a historic choke job? []

Forbes listed "America's Most Miserable Sports Cities" earlier this week. We're thinking Cleveland should jump up a few notches after last night. [Forbes]

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