Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the dreamiest football player of them all? Why, Tom Brady of course. Don't agree with us? Well the NFL certainly does, and they're doing their best to make sure Tommy doesn't get any more unnecessary boo-boos (God forbid!).

Yesterday the league approved four new rule changes, including a brand new "Tom Brady Rule" (not to be confused with the one made up on the spot for him a few years ago) that prohibits defenders who have been knocked to the ground from lunging at quarterbacks (meanwhile Bengal fans ask where's their "Carson Palmer Rule"). But before all you hating-ass haters start thinking TB's getting some kind of preferential treatment, know that he's not the first athlete to have the game changed for him. Peep our guide to the 10 Plays and Players That Sparked Sports Rule Changes...


• Honestly, we love this guy, but they're going to have to outlaw his Sea World act before somebody clubs his ass to death, Canadian pelt-hunter style.

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