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After ranking the best Air Jordans, best new sneaker designs, and best sneakers of the year (so far), it’s time for the one list that simply isn’t up for debate. There are no hot takes to defend here. There’s no fan-favorite omission that commenters will berate us over on Instagram. That’s because these are the shoes that had the secondary market jumping from January to June. These are the pairs that people were plotting on through StockX and GOAT screens while they awaited stimulus checks in the mail.

Whether it’s one of the year’s big collaborations like Supreme’s throwback-inspired Nike SB Dunk Lows or pairs that started off expensive at retail and held their value, like Nike’s Swarovski-covered Air Max 97s and Bape’s Court Stas, there’s a good mix of styles leading the flips in 2021.  

Like Jay-Z famously said: Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. The numbers here, by the way, come from StockX resale data. These are the most expensive sneakers of the year (so far).