Sneakerheads on the hunt for the best sneaker app in Canada just got a new top contender: The Canadian take on the long-awaited adidas CONFIRMED app is officially available north of the border beginning October 14 via the Apple app store and Google Play.

The CONFIRMED app in Canada will feature first looks, and premium, exclusive drops, showcasing real stories from the streetwear community. “The platform really sheds new light on the Three Stripes and it brings all the untold stories and some of the brand’s most exciting releases to life. [Members] have an opportunity to see more exclusive or never-seen content including interviews, as well as products and campaigns with adidas icons,” says adidas Canada president Alim Dhanji.

If you’re looking to cop a pair of those coveted Yeezys, Craig Greens, or Pharrells, you now no longer have to jump through hoops or entangle relatives and friends stateside to win adidas confirmation on momentum-making drops. Better yet, the Canadian-specific app is catering specifically to local tastes and talent.

“We’re bringing the most relevant and anticipated drops for Canadians,” Dhanji says, adding, “I think what we’re doing with rolling out CONFIRMED in Canada is making a statement that we do want to bring a great opportunity and offer a unique experience to Canadians… rather than simply mirroring the U.S.”

Sneakerheads in Canada are now long-familiar with how hard it can be to land a highly-anticipated pair of sneaks. Whether it’s lining up for hours at brick-and-mortar locations only to be turned around, or waiting in virtual queues just to be notified the shoe is sold out, the chase demands its sacrifice. A well-known issue for many competitor apps is that resellers deploy sneaker bots, buying out multiple pairs of sought-after releases for profit, not personal use, reselling them at a higher price, icing out the average sneakerhead looking to build their collection.


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Dhanji says adidas fans can now look forward to the easiest and fairest way to buy their kicks: “CONFIRMED is driven by the premise of fairness and commitment to fairness. [The app is] integrated with our most up-to-date release mechanisms as well as state of the art digital security, which really makes it the best platform when you’re purchasing highly sought-after releases and should mitigate bots.

Dhanji adds, “From a fairness perspective, we also have algorithms that promote those fairness principles, but also reward those who build a relationship with us by being Creator Club Members,” referring to the existing adidas app member rewards program.

As with many other brand loyalist programs, here users accumulate points with each purchase, or by writing reviews, participation in exclusive drops and more. “Those [member] benefits will be carried over to CONFIRMED as well. So if you’re an Icon Level member our highest membership[users] would receive the exact same benefit on the CONFIRMED app, meaning they get high-priority access.”

Buying adidas Pharrell NMD shoes on the CONFIRMED app
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This is good news for sneakerheads looking to round out their collection. “That thrill of chasing the shoe you really want to add to your collectionyou tell the story and the journey that you’ve been on with that shoe or how you collected it. And I think every sneakerhead I’ve certainly interacted with likes to tell a story about each shoe in their collection. So I think this experience will continue with CONFIRMED,” says Dhanji.

Dhanji also clarifies that the release of the CONFIRMED app in Canada only marks the beginning of its roll-out. “We’ll have a number of drops sneakerheads in Canada will be quite excited about…. Obviously it’s not a one-time campaign.”

While Dhanji is cautious not to play favourites when it comes to the drops he’s most looking forward to, he does reveal his all-time favourite shoe: “I’ll probably give away my age now, but I’m a true OG,” he says with a self-deprecating laugh. “I’d have to honour the old schoolthe retro vibe of the adidas ZX 8000. People just tend to get really nostalgic every time I wear them. [They] go down memory lane, share a story. It’s kind of cool that a shoe can invoke emotion and memory in this way, and this particular one does.”