Nike is planning to bring back the “Crepe” Air Max 1 from 2004, according to a brand document viewed by Complex, reimagining the sneaker as a retro alongside a new Air Max 97 in a similar colorway and material set. Per the internal document, the shoes are scheduled to release in August 2022, but the window for their launch could change given footwear industry-wide uncertainty around release dates caused by supply chain issues.

The original “Crepe” Air Max 1 was part of a collection that also included the Air Max 90 and the Air Burst. The sneakers were united by their use of hemp panels, neutral colors, and light blue accents. The Air Max 1 was the only shoe among them to actually have a squishy crepe outsole, the others wearing a more traditional gum bottom. There is no indication that the Air Max 90 or Air Burst from the 2004 series are coming back.

Crepe Nike Air Max 1 Retro 2022
A rendering of Nike’s upcoming ‘Crepe’ Air Max 1 retro
Crepe Nike Air Max 97
This upcoming Air Max 97 riffs on the original ‘Crepe’ pack

The rendering of the new 2022 “Crepe” Air Max 1 from the presentation shows what looks to be a straightforward reissue of the original, again using a crepe outsole and hemp parts on the upper. The rendering of the Air Max 97 from the group shows accents in a pink shade rather than light blue, but it’s common for such images to differ slightly from the final product, and a photo of the shoe on another slide from the same source has the more traditional blue. The document says that the sneakers will be premium releases that will cost $20 more than standard retail pairs.

The images shown here of the upcoming sneakers are leaks from a Nike presentation, hence the low-res nature of some of them. The shoes have not yet been confirmed by the brand.

The brand document showing upcoming releases also lays out a handful of other Air Max 1s expected to be released in 2022. Among them are a denim pair, designated as “premium” by Nike, carrying a $20 upcharge, and expected to release in September, that will use multiple different washes of denim on its upper. There is also a pair with Nike’s safari pattern on the mudguard, one with pendants hanging off it that looks to be pegged for Air Max Day on March 26, and a women’s pair for fall that uses yellow in the original colorblocking of the Air Max 1.

Denim Nike Air Max 1 2022
Nike has a denim Air Max 1 planned for September 2022


Tour Yellow Nike Air Max 1 Womens
A women’s Nike Air Max 1 in ‘tour yellow’ slated for fall


Air Max 1 Air Max Day 2022
An Air Max 1 slated for spring that appears to be tied to Air Max Day


Safari Nike Air Max 1 2022
A summer 2022 Nike Air Max 1 with safari print


Air Max 1 Treeline Spring 2022
An Air Max 1 colorway planned for spring 2022


Air Max 1 Spring 2022
Another summer 2022 Air Max 1 colorway