It's what you've all been waiting for, ain't it? Following our Best Air Jordans and Best Collaborations list, it's finally time for the best sneakers of the year, up to now. The only list that matters. From, well, I'm not gonna say it myself. 

It's tough to gage the best sneakers at the halfway point of the year, but we've try our damnedest. This list will also most likely change by the end of the year—better sneakers will release, some of these sneakers may get tired, and trends might change.

This year has seen Travis Scott get his own Air Jordan 1, Jordan Brand bring back the Air Jordan IV in true form, Adidas rework its archive, and a load of unexpected collaborations.  It's not easy to put these things together and please everyone, but here's our best shot at it.

Here are the best sneakers of 2019 (so far)—Matt Welty