Release Date: June 6
Price: $150

One of the biggest New Balance stories of 2020, aside from the brand riding a string of successful collaborations, was the creation of the 327 sneaker, an all-new shoe that garnered mainstream success as well as limited collaborations with the likes of Casablanca. New Balance is known to rest on its laurels when it comes to lifestyle design somewhat, only making slight variations to its grey running shoes as the years go on. This year, though, the brand decided to strike while the iron was hot and release the 57/40, a brand-new take on the 574 that doesn’t look identical to its predecessor. The upper bears a resemblance, but the chunky midsole is day and night from the 574, which was originally a takedown version of the 576 designed by Steven Smith. The 57/40 gained attention through a collaboration with Los Angeles streetwear brand Bricks & Wood, which gave the shoe a buttery green upper, white midsole, and pink outsole. The color combination hit and the shoes sold out instantly. Not a bad start. —Matt Welty