The Unreleased Cigar Air Jordans

An unreleased 'Cigar' Air Jordan 6 sample that has some subtle changes vs. the retail version.

Cigar Air Jordan 6 Sample
Cigar Air Jordan 6 Sample

Remember the "Cigar" Air Jordan 6  that dropped in 2014 alongside a Champagne-themed 6 as part of the "Championship Pack" honoring the 23rd anniversary of Michael Jordan's first NBA title? An alternate version of the shoe surfaced at a consignment store, this one making slight tweaks to the original. 

The upper on this unreleased "Cigar" Jordan 6 appears have a more textured material than the retail pair. The midsole also has a few changes, like a white heel, and different color blocking through the midfoot. The most obvious difference is on the outsole—rather than the blue-tinted look of the released version, this pair has a translucent brown rubber with sparkles added.

The sample sneakers were spotted on Portland store Index PDX's Instagram account, although, they don't appear to be on its site.

Below is the original "Cigar" Jordan 6 for comparison. 

Air Jordan 6 Cigar