The Most Expensive Gyms in the World

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East Bank Club

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Membership: $2,220 + initiation fees + personal training sessions

They don't call it the "Windy City" for nothing, so we're sure Chicagoans appreciate the fact that the East Bank club includes an indoor quarter mile long track, seven indoor tennis courts and two full size basketball courts. In fact, with a 20,000-square foot cardio room, there's really no reason to venture outside into the bone chilling temps of Chicago in the winter. There are some perks to being an East Bank Club member too, such as an on facility restaurant, driving range and kayaking. Forget going to gym, going to the East Bank Club is like going on vacation.

Image via Tiger Muay Thai

Tiger Muay Thai

Location: Phuket, Thailand
Membership: $3,444

Want to mast the art of Mixed Martial Arts? Then why not go to the most prestigious fighting gym in all of the world, nestled in the scenic tropical landscape of Phuket, Thailand. Just to get an idea of who has trained here in the past, the gym's alumni include UFC fighters like George St. Pierre, as well as a program run by Brian "Bad Boy" Ebersole and Roger "El Matador" Huerta. If MMA isn't really your thing, then the gym provides classes such as cross-training, boot camp and yoga all along Phuket's picturesque beach setting.

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Detroit Athletic Club

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Membership: $4,800

The Detroit Athletic club celebrates its 100th anniversary on Madison Avenue in 2015. The club is made up of several floors containing a professional size swimming pool, basketball court and running track, as well as squash, handball and racquetball courts, If that's too much movement for you, then there's an eight-lane bowling center to round things out. The real gem of the club, though, is the views of Detroit that the historic building provides, as its conveniently located on a marina with a fully functioning boat dock.

Image via Sitaras Fitness

Sitaras Ftiness

Location: New York, New York
Membership: $12,450

Founded by former bodybuilder John Sitaras, Sitaras Fitness center has become the go-to gym for Wall Street's elite. With a luxurious personal training program tailored to each member's personal needs, members must take a rigorous mandatory six-hour fitness evaluation upon joining. If you aren't serious about your training then this space isn't for you, as the gym requires that members take a minimum of two personal training session per week, which happen to cost $120 a pop. While Sitaras' method may seem pretty extreme, know that it's led NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson to six Spring Cup series championships.

Image via CDC Lifestyle

Harbour Club

Location: London, England
Membership: $20,000

In case you were wondering what type of company hangs around the Harbour Club, know that both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have trained there in the past. If tennis is your game then you are in luck, as there are over 13 courts to play on. The real highlight of the gym, though, is the waterfall swimming pool which serves as the anchor to which all the  club's state-of-the-art machinery surrounds.

Image via Houstonian

Houstonian Fitness Club

Located: Houston, Texas
Membership: $24,000

Located in the prestigious Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa, the Houstonian Fitness Club features over 125,000 square feet containing 300 cardio and strength machines, three swimming pools and eight tennis courts. By all accounts, though, the real star of the gym is its boxing ring,  which presents an alternative method of staying in shape. If you're wondering what else you get for the gym's hefty $24,000 membership fee, each guest is treated to a free terrycloth bathrobe.

Image via David Kirsch Fitness

Madison Square Club

Location: New York, New York
Membership: $25,000

Headed by celebrity personal trainer David Kirsch, the Madison Square Club claims stars like Heidi Klum and Ivana Trump as clients. Upon entering the facility, you'll think you are anywhere but a gym, as oriental rugs and wooden floors sit beneath the club's cutting edge fitness machinery. Personal training sessions twice a week guarantee that you'll get the proper attention needed to maintain a proper balance of physical fitness, proper diet and mental well-being.

Image via Men's Fitness

E at Equinox

Location: New York, New York
Membership: $26,000

How exclusive is New York City's E at Equinox? In order to gain admittance, you'll just have get pass the gym's retina scanner. It's estimated that only 50 people belong to the New York location, meaning that what you're really playing for is exclusivity. Everything from your your body compositions to metabolic rates to movement analyses are monitored by "Tier 4" experts to ensure that Equinox is supplying the best in health management.

Image via EXOS


Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Membership: $30,000

You may be more familiar with EXOS by its former name, the Athlete's Performance Gym. Whatever you might call it, though, odds are that if you aren't a professional athlete, you aren't going to make it in. Among EXOS' clientele are All-Star athletes like Kevin Love and Mario Williams, who take advantage of the facility's 60 meter track, 80 yard football field, exclusive underwater treadmill, cold and hot pools and extensive on site physical therapy services.

Image via Yatzer

Wellness Sky

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Membership: $30,000

An architectural marvel in itself, the Wellness Sky in Belgrade, Sebria could probably charge admission just for its views of the city alone. The center is world renowned for its body balance program, which blends yoga, Pilates and tai-chi into one training regimen. If you're going to drop $30,000 on a gym membership, you might as well make sure it's as unique of an experience as the Wellness Sky is.

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