The 15 Types of Sneaker Collectors

You know some of these people.


Once it's established that you are indeed a sneaker collector, it's time to sort out exactly what type of collector you are. One way to distinguish collectors is by how they collect: Are you the type who does all your transactions online, or do you get your hands (and everything else) dirty in the basements of old sporting goods stores? Another way is by what they collect: Do you have a storage unit full of current releases, or are all of your boxes tagged as promo samples? A third way is by permanence: Do you keep every pair of sneakers you buy/receive, or is your "collection" essentially a giant pyramid scheme? Check out The 15 Types of Sneaker Collectors and let us know which one applies best to you.

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The PE Collector

The Non-Collector Collector

The Aspiring Collector

The Renter

The Nelly

The Flipper

The Wave Rider

The "I Think I Have Those in Storage" Guy

The n00b

The Old Guy

The "I Gotta Have Those" Guy

The Digger

The Completist

The Elitist

The eBay Expert

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