Takashi Murakami's Sneaker Is Finally Releasing

The release date and details for Takashi Murakami's first sneaker, the TZ BS-06. The shoe features removable Porter pouches and more details.

Murakami TZ BS 06 (Front)

Image via @takashipom

Murakami TZ BS 06 (Front)

It's been nearly a year since Takashi Murakami first shared teasers of his Porter bag-adorned sneaker, and now the artist is revealing more background on the project, which he proudly says he worked on from start to finish.

Known as the TZ BS-06, Murakami says the idea behind the sneaker was birthed after ComplexCon 2016, where he was inspired by the passion of those in attendance. After being surprised by the warm welcome he received from sneakerheads, Murakami decided it was time to make a sneaker of his own. He began seeking out manufacturers and soon landed on inspiration for the first-of-its-kind design: the military-esque "Zuku" suit from '80s anime series Mobile Suit Gundam.

Murakami TZ BS-06 (Heel)

With the idea of using nylon from flight jackets already buzzing around in his head, an opportunity fell in Murakami's lap when he was approached by Japanese bag company Porter to work on a collaboration. After working on Porter's Tanker bag, Murakami and the brand agreed to work on the TZ BS-06 sneakers. The shoes are adorned in removable Porter pouches on both sides and the heel. A totla of eight different pouches are packaged with the sneakers, along with an assortment of lace options.

After nearly a year of build-up, Murakami's TZ BS-06 will be released this weekend at select retailers including the artist's own Tonari No Zingaro souvenir shop. 

Murakami TZ BS-06 (Pair)
Murakami TZ BS-06 (Medial)
Murakami TZ BS-06 (Sole)
Murakami TZ BS-06 (Accessories)
Murakami TZ BS-06 (Laces)