6 Pairs of Nike Mags Allegedly Found in Storage Unit

A reseller says he found six pairs of deadstock Nike Mag 'Back to the Future' sneakers in an expired storage unit. Read the full story here.

Nike Mag 2011


Nike Mag 2011

Talk about a come up.

Reseller wc_streetwear took to Twitter late last night to share a score that has to be seen to be believed: three pairs of what are said to be deadstock Nike Mags from the sneaker's 2011 release, which had apparently been tucked away safely in an expired storage unit. 

"I personally didn't find the unit," the lucky buyer tells Complex. "I found the guy on OfferUp and I thought it was too good to be true but gave it a shot, I messaged him and he had three pairs left after selling three others, so six total were in the unit." While wc_streetwear didn't dilvuge exactly how much he shelled out per pair, he says the "super old" guy who purchased the storage unit did so for just $75.

While it's tough to determine the legitimacy of the story⁠—or the sneakers themselves⁠—wc_streetwear provided further context, including screenshots of an apparent text message exchange with the vendor.

wc_streetwear tells Complex he's already sold one of his three pairs on StockX for $10,000 (which is confirmed by the platform's recent sale listings) with plans to sell the remaining two to another buyer—or keeping one "for the memory."

Famous for its inclusion in Back to the Future Part II, only 1,500 pairs of the light-up Nike Mag were released in 2011, followed by a launch of 89 pairs for 2016's self-lacing version.